Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cottage on the corner

PMHPS has observed a notice of application for a planning permit for this house on the corner of Nott and Farrell Sts, Port Melbourne.
Morley's Cottage: cnr Nott and Farrell Sts, Port Melbourne
This is where William Morley lived. He was the the first chairman of Sandridge when it became a municipality separate from Melbourne in 1860. He was mayor in 1867 and remained a Councillor until his death in 1877. You may have seen his name before - on the Bay St frontage of the former coal store now occupied by South Pacific Gym. Morley was a coal merchant and carter. The coal store, built out of bluestone, gives an indication that Morley was successful businessman.
Read more about Morley, the circumstances of his election and his family life in
The Borough and Its People: Port Melbourne 1839 to 1939 by Margaret and Graham Bride pp 82-84

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