Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Desperate for Ice Cream

My thoughts have turned obsessively to ice cream over this protracted spell of hot weather and it made me wonder about the best spots in Port Melbourne to buy an ice cream at various times.

Member Helen Barry recalls buying ice creams from a small shop in Crichton Ave, and apparently Woodruffs had a milkbar on Bridge St. People have mentioned that good ice creams and milk shakes were to be had from the dairy in  Graham St.

Perhaps these photographs might trigger memories

Ice cream van parked outside Missions to Seamen building 1987
Alison Kelly collection, courtesy of the Port Melbourne Historical and Preservation Society 
Kiosk on Station Pier , 1987
Alison Kelly collection, courtesy of the Port Melbourne Historical and Preservation Society
Have a look at this picture of St Josephs school, since replaced by the Bayshore complex on the corner of Rouse and Bay St.  See the Sunkist text on the wall? That was once the site of Swallow and Ariell's ice cream factory.

It would be great to hear members' ice cream memories. Leave comments below or email pmhps@hotmail.com


  1. I remember an ice cream van that used to park in front of the BP site between the piers. I think it is different to the one in Alison Kelly's photo but I do remember they made their own vanilla ice cream and is was delicious.

  2. My memories of the Port Melbourne beachfront in the 1960's are not of ice cream van but of a large grey bus that dispensed hot donuts filled with even hotter jam and rolled in sugar. 2 shillings would buy a bag of a dozen. Bliss on a cold wintery day!

  3. Makes me feel hungry! Pretty sure we have a photo of that large grey bus! I'll look for it and post it so keep an eye out.


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